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Frozen World

Landscape from the sky is a unknown world for me.
Ice landscape from the sky particularly fascinated me.
When I saw the scene, “Art of Nature” I was reminded of these words as follows;
I wanted to leave these messages from nature. These are the metaphors of the human world.
When I saw this landscape, it reminded me of the “Ice Age”.
Some scientists said there is a “mini ice age on the way, the sun has 'gone to sleep' and it could cause temperatures to plunge.”
I don’t know if this theory is true or not, but I do think our lives are threatened by pending natural disaster, but at the same time are protected by nature.
I will never forget the feeling of awe and appreciation for nature.
I would like to show the beautiful "Art Of Nature".
And, I would like to hope that people consider various environmental issues earth is facing, not only the beauty.


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