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Fluorite Fantasia
( Looking For My Father…)

fluorite is a beautiful mineral that catches the light of our star and radiates it back in the darkness of night. my stone was a me
mento from my father, glowing and enigmatic.
his death was too sudden. before we realized the cancer attacked from all directions and took him.
all i wanted was to sit down with him and talk about his experiences, ask him about the secrets he carried with him, but before i could gather my will to do so, he was stricken mute, then
disappeared into mystery.
why did i have to wait? why did i not put all my effort into living this precious time with him?
after his death I walked with tears behind my eyes and bitterness under my heart.
in the cold beautiful blue stone innumerable stars glittered and drifted. In a dream i wandered among them, searching.
when i woke up, unexpectedly i found myself in the house where he was a child. It was full of smells and sounds and familiar but cryptic and mystical objects. His presence felt so strong that I
thought his voice might come from the next room.
though i am unsure as of why, but i believed, deep inside myself, that i could meet father there. day after day, wandering around in the mystical scenery, i looked for him.


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